They see the extravagance and grandeur of the RISING smoke but what they don’t see is how that fire has fought to stay alive…
What they don’t see is the emotion that’s gone into the motion and path of the flame. What they don’t see is the courage, fearlessness and sacrifice made when having to find fuel at a pace synchronous to the rapidity of a howling wind. They don’t see the ability to sustain momentum and to find new places to “put yourself in” when everything is striving to “put you out” as passion, power or intelligence. Instead they find comfort in seeing it as an unfair advantage, an elemental privilege. A Privilege that you’ll forever be held against. (Ironically though; the heat and light of which they love to share but the energy required to sustain they’re reluctant to contribute)
They choose to see the zealous consumption of opportunity as greed and so they pray for the rain to end the fires reign. But what they don’t realize is that the fire burns for the rain. Because it’s only after it rains that you see what the fire has been working for all this time. It’s only after it rains that you get to see the beauty in the sacrifice and the ascension of purpose, and how that purpose has created more than what it could ever have destroyed….

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