Isn’t it funny how we’re groomed to believe that being understood is advantageous and essential to societal integration & progression? I see an awful lot of people walking around in desperation and agony pining for the “world” to understand their being. I see minds being mislead by the promise of “safety” in being understood and the false premise that being understood translates to being trustworthy and when the world trusts your intentions they’ll assist you to get where you’re ultimately striving to be. Its all a lie.

Trust and understanding are entirely different moral entities. You’re not being forced to explain yourself for your benefit, but rather for the benefit of those who are making you feel sinfully misunderstood. Truth is, there is freedom, safety, infinite space for creativity and endless power in the mystery of being misunderstood.

Being understood, however, enslaves you to those who are offering their understanding as if it’s some sort of generous gift. They fool you to seek comfort in being “seen” and noticed, however their intention is not to appreciate what you’ve exposed but to hold you captive by it. To encourage you to habitually reveal your cards so they can work around shuffling their decks until they can adequately play against your hand.

Life is not about explaining yourself to make others feel comfortable in your presence. Their discomfort is indicative of their insecurity and their insecurity is not to be solved by a downplay of yourself in response.

You’ll always notice the weak “authorities” offering the shade of their shadow under the guise that its to protect you from the light, but instead they’re trying to keep you from it. They want to control your growth and progression and make sure you’ll never advance beyond their level and propose threat, for you to forever remain their appeasing apprentice.

I say, be the outcast and the independent who does not seek to be understood or wait for permission to be something or someone. Be the bird that’s feather differs from the flock and who’s wing span is unashamedly wider. Be the bird that fights for their freedom and honours the instinct to soar.



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