The co-existance or the togetherness of passion, and passion the impetuous flow of feeling. To feel for, as you yourself have felt. To express compassion for another, we first need to express passion for the self. The origin of compassion therefore lies in the love, kindness and understanding you had to blend in order to heal your wounded mind, body and soul before offering that remedy for another. Compassion is not weakness, nor is it a passive approach to the unconscious and needy that deplete your energy as they demand to be served by someone before they learn to self serve.

Compassion arises when the self is no longer concerned with how it appears to be. Acts of compassion are therefore not done to save, to please, or to demand glory, they’re merely done either to alleviate the suffering of ourselves or others through our ability to relate to experience.

Compassion therefore is an exhibition of strength, and a passport stamped with the ink of hurt and in the colour of the courage you had to conjure to travel to the high and low places before finding the peace and freedom in the now. Compassion is strength. Strength defined by the person you became when you were at your most vulnerable, your most exposed, your most weak.

Compassion is not boasting of perfection, and does not look down upon those who are suffering, compassion therefore is the scar tissue we wear as proof of our ability to heal, and not our inability to be broken.



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