Changing states.

So, in life we think about death, and in death we think about life. When do we stop leading our minds to these conclusions and realise the immortality in our essence, the energy of our being and its ability to supersede the conclusion of life or death as a state of conversation. Yet still, we design occasions to celebrate memories of the time travelled in this state, paying no attention to its potential creation in another.

We fear our simple minds will allow us to forget, and that those who have served us between the space of life and death will be forgotten.

Their essence is in everything and in everything is our own, and so its not about remembering its about acknowledging, its about seeking the manifestation of their new state, and seeing them as the “space” and not the emptiness they left behind.

May your essence not be defined by what it was, but by what it has since become. To changing states, the conservation of energy, Life, death and the space between.

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