We’re living so close to the surface of our lives that we often can’t make sense of it. Our experiences so expediently uploaded that we forget to download and process what it means to be there, here, inside of it, below the surface that we’re scraping.
What distracts us from diving the depths of our experience? as it is in these depths that sense and meaning swims.
What keeps us a float, buoyant and oblivious to the world beneath. Is it fear of the unknown, or is it that we fear that we know what we will find? Is it the physical effort, sacrifice and impending exhaustion required to kick yourself to these depths? Is it the fear of the pressure and the darkness associated down here, or is it that we only get a couple kicks down before a phone rings, an alarm sounds, a deadline looms an appointment waits and that we can’t be “here” for long before we’ve committed ourselves to being somewhere else…
Whatever it is, we need to live a little more vertically, and less horizontally. We need to give ourselves space to process time. To make sense of experience. To live below the surface. To find the depth in our purpose.
(Cover image by Sam Ayres)

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