The focus needs to be on effortless living. We need to be less in thrall to morality and instead we need to live true to our natures. We need to trust who we know ourselves to be and live spontaneously, unslaved and unperturbed by those who have chosen to live a life less free. Freedom is not acting on reasons we’ve chosen for ourselves, but rather in not having to choose at all. We respond to life as we MUST, and not how we think we should. There’s no agonizing contemplation between “right and wrong” or “good and evil” there’s no guilt, no regret, no fear. We just are, effortlessly. Morality does not make for better people, what it does however is enrich our vices. Don’t be deceived by those who preach a life of morality, they only do so because they distrust the default setting of their nature. Trust yourself. Be guided by the effortlessness of being who you truly are.

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