Sometimes you need to take a journey  deeper inside yourself to observe you simply being. Observe yourself doing the ordinary, the simple acts. But every now and again observe yourself through the extraordinary. Hold your own eyes, be entirely embedded in your conscious mind and observe every subtle movement from within. The movement of your hands, the expression on your face, the sensation of your smile that you’ve only ever experienced peripheral to this by mirror or digital replication. Feel the contraction of your cheeks, and the way it hugs your eyes closed. Feel the subtle change in view as the light bends past your saturate lens. Interpret the flickered shift in hue as you smile through tears of gratitude, content and pride welled within the corners of your eyes. Get to know your smile from within, get to know what moves your soul. Get to know what happiness feels like. Happiness that you’ve defined to be.

Observe yourself talking to the person sitting next to you, feel the flow of words off your lips, listen to how they resonate when they rise to the receiver. Do they resonate?
Getting to know yourself this way is the maturation of the connection you have to your central being. Understanding this, understanding YOU is what guides us eternally. The connection you have with yourself, is the connection felt by others. It’s not the connection you have with them that keeps them curious. The higher the degree of self connection, the higher their perception to your “vibe”. You have to KNOW if you want to be KNOWN.

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