We walk around so guarded and course in our selection of social circles. So scared to change shape, add some corners, angles and distort the perceptions of where and how we fit. Yet, it’s this social malleability, and willingness to create congruency with shapes obtuse to our social paradigms that ultimately, and ironically, shapes our being. It’s in the extension of our lines, and shift in our planes that we begin to add faces, facets and dimension to our being.

So, to this I call you to quit your social circles and instead go play outside its circumference. It’s in the stepping outside and over its line, that you’re introduced to the truth. The truth being that social power, and social prowess do not lie in the collection of friends, but instead in the ability to frequently and effortlessly acquaint yourself with an indifferently patterned mind. A mind free of the expectation, entitlement and duty associated with those who’ve always been around. You see, the consciousness of your social circle lies flat in a shared plane, there’s no volume and context outside the already known, the origin is the same, so too is the distance from the origin to its outskirts, (the fence containing you within the familiar.) However, as you start to explore the multidimensional who occupy a completely different world than your own, you’re more likely to be introduced to something you have yet to know, thereby adding acres to the inches of your previously explored worlds, stretching the outskirts outward, and so too inward, adding cognitive dimension, volume and value to your form.

You see, it’s in this world, the world of the weird, the undefined and uncategorised who are not perturbed about fitting in to a particular shape, but rather more focused on being shaped that we’re able to reach our full potential. The question is then, what keeps us from venturing into these other worlds? What keeps us to a form, and away from the process of forming?

Is it perhaps ego, and our reluctance to step away from a recognised social status in fear that we may lose our identity and place if we associate ourselves with those who are misplaced? Perhaps we exclude ourselves from associating with the obtuse to protect ourselves from having to explain how exactly they fit into our lives? What is their place? What is their purpose? What is the category to this uncategorised being? Perhaps we distance ourselves from this dichotomy to avoid the guilt and confusion associated with the urge to connect with the “alien acquaintance” and our inability to pin point the attraction and allure to their company, especially if there exists the polarity of XX and XY. Perhaps, for me, one of the fundamental reasons for holding back on the outreaching and extending of line was to assure a state of energy preservation. I became somewhat “economical” in my social approach in fear that the depth and magnitude I would invariably apply to understanding a soul, and its shaping would lead me away from my own awareness of form and toward the awareness of another’s. As if I were bound to become both the assuming postulate and author of theorem formulating the evolution of their cognitive geometry. As a result, I’d raise my guard and retract entirely sticking only to my circle and “chosen few”, free of the attachment and responsibility associated with introductory familiarity. Cue comments on my guarded, aloof, cold state on first impression, and enter an additional reason to hold back from exploring the matrix between our indifferent shapes. Judgment.

So then, what’s required to travel to these different worlds is a high degree of fearless vulnerability and confident curiosity. The willingness to drop your guard a little and give people a chance. To give coincidences, serendipity and synchronicity a chance, and to be fearless in embracing the consequence of people getting it wrong. Getting you wrong. And so what if they do? So what if they’re not perceptive to your cause. Living through people’s assumptions and inaccurate descriptions is in itself shaping, serving not only to test your form, but also as a reminder that we’re not here to explain ourselves, but instead to express ourselves. The greater risk however, does not lie in being misperceived by the unknown, or even, questioned by the known for your curiosity and association to the “forbidden” form, but instead it lies in being contaminated by the same stagnant consciousness, the same ideas, and ideals that you’ve always been exposed to, keeping you entrapped and limited to your existing world, your existing form.

Now, I’d be the first person to tell you to be incredibly careful with how you guide and disperse your energy, and to not waste it on the wasteful. However, I have learned to appreciate the balance of it all and have left retraction and preservation behind to embrace the “snap chats” and spontaneous crossing of paths. To not be so compelled to understand how the acquainted dots have all joined and how their soul has come to be, but to simply appreciate their present form, and be a catalyst to it’s next stage of forming. To inspire, and invoke some sort of a change without having to be overly involved in the process. To be a strand of influence but not a string attached to its outcome waiting to take ownership of its evolution.

So, what I’m saying to you is this. The undefined are most often, defining. The unaccounted are most often accountable and the seemingly pointless interactions often carry the most profound points. Whilst going through life collecting and keeping people is an impossible feat, complete receptiveness to the ones that are passing by is not. Complete receptiveness to a “stranger” can only be achieved through the balance and realisation that not every path crossed is destined to be an investment of energy, sometimes it’s simply to serve as an exchange. Just as we pause to appreciate a sunrise, or set, knowing that we may never see it again, there’s something incredibly powerful about leaving a conversation, or a meeting in the same way. To make sure, in that instant of rising or falling appearance, we pause, appreciate and take meaning from its presence and find the purpose in the exchange.

Whilst the love and grace of those who encompass your entire universe and not just that of your social orbit holds a place within that can not be compared or met by competition. The space between your form and forming inhabits a constellation of contributing energies and anonymous heroes that leave an impressionable mark. The only thing more beautiful than acknowledging and embracing these foreign forming energies is to be the source of this unearthed generosity. To be the beneficent. To pay attention and bring forward the people who are usually blurred into the background of life. The waitron, the attendant, the student, the stranger, or even the soul behind the social media. To simply notice their shape, and ignite a conversation, that takes the tangent to the curve, and extends to a realm outside finite axes. Outside popularity and comfort.

I suppose the appeal I find in all of this lies in the concept of being a ‘Noble nobody to somebody’, to acquaint them to my world, stretch their lines, shift their planes and add some volume to their thinking. To collaborate and cohere our indifferent energies, fulfil potential, design new patterns and convert our ordinary circles into crystal lattices of expression and growth. So, before you dismiss the next person that passes by, assessing their worth as their ability to return your energy investment with interest. Think about the power of a simple exchange, and hold on to the happenstance of it all…

One thought on “Social Geometry.

  1. I’d have to say this is my favourite out of all your pieces so far. People don’t enjoy change and venturing of their social circles but i reckon the more you try different things and open yourself up to new experiences, can only grow you as a person. And dont be too quick to judge 🙂

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