Nature is never at peace, yet why when it is observed does it seem so peaceful? Maybe it’s because it has accepted confrontation and contrast as a way of life just as it embraces the fight to endure the wrath of a cold winter as a means to earn a place on the peaceful podium of abundance and bloom in spring. Maybe, just maybe, nature understands that calm can only be found when held against chaos, that peace is not disrupted by the presence of a fight, but rather by the wrongful practice of it. By the fighting “with” and not “for” a cause…

I live to fight, and fight to live, however not with pickets, fists, and fickle things that I want to see fall. I fight through patience. I fight through persistence. I fight through intelligence. I fight through humour and silence. I fight through compassion when I’m met with the cruel, and understanding when I’m met with unfairness. I fight within myself when I undershoot my potential. I fight through the coalescence of knowledge, and my eagerness to learn and apply it’s meaning. I fight through creativity, and expression. I fight the comfort of the very space I’m sitting in, in favour of discomfort in order to feel the urge to move, and keep moving. I fight my age with the acceptance and honour of what I’ve earned through it. I fight my age with the respect and awareness of how to preserve it. I fight conformity with a spirit of benevolent rebellion. I fight yesterday, and tomorrow with the here and now. I fight the reliance on your opinion, by welcoming it in whatever form, testing myself against your criticism and compliment until my opinion of self remains taut through either one. I fight routine and the mundane with mystery and spontaneity and the pursuit of the unknown.

Protest dancing around streets, re-tweeting tweets and debating the politics of the politicians on podiums are all tactical means of distracting you from what you should be fighting for, and replacing it with “whom”. A distraction serving to train weakness in areas that calls for indomitable strength. A distraction diverting us from the importance of being able to martial our own art of fighting, and to find an appropriate place for its practice before society finds a place on our behalf. So then, if you’re going to fight, know what its for. If you’re going to fight, learn the art of doing so in the manner that serves to restore balance, and provide a contrast to enhances your peace. If you’re going to fight, be smart about it!

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