Exercise 17: Solo consolidation


In this lesson, the student will continue to complete their solo consolidation in the circuit. The purpose of this is to install confidence in the solo aspects of flying before they’re allowed to continue solo flight of advanced exercises in the GFA.



  1. A dual check ride must be flown before every solo consolidation to ensure that he/she is still safe to continue flying in the circuit.
  2. If the student complies with the solo criteria, the instructor may send the student on his/her solo consolidation flight. Ensure to remind the student of the following before exiting the aircraft:
    • Anticipate the change of attitude – nose high
    • The helicopter will leave the ground at a much lower power setting. When you feel the helicopter is light on the skids, it’s your cue to keep your eyes outside. Don’t be taken by surprise.
    • The helicopter will go through transition a lot quicker and will take a greater distance to stop when coming back to land
  3. Monitor all circuits visually, and by means of two-way radio. Look out for any signs of fatigue or distress. If you can sense the students performance degrading, re-embark on the next landing and return to base.




At the completion of this exercise the student must be able to safely and confidently fly solo in the circuit. They will be fully proficient and accustomed to the radio procedures and geometry of the circuit pattern. They will be able to assert safe decision-making with respect to the circuit environment and other circuit traffic. They will be confident and competent with solo flight configuration, and be able to transition between the state of solo, and dual flight with greater ease.




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