Familiarisation with the GFA




In this lesson, the student will be introduced the General flying area. They will be made familiar with the relevant parameters of the training airspace and any further relevant routing procedures and radio calls. They will also be introduced to the areas likely to be used for the succeeding training exercises.




  1. Fully brief the student on the parameters and procedures within the general flying area.
  2. Point out relevant areas within in the GFA where conflicting traffic can be anticipated to join and route through the GFA.
  3. Point out assisting visual cues in determining wind speed and prevailing conditions within the area that will influence the succeeding training exercises.
  4. Highlight any previous hazards that have been encountered when operating within the GFA so that the student can be aware of them, and ensure there is no reoccurrence.
  5. Test the student’s situational awareness, ensure that they are aware of their position and can broadcast their intention and position if necessary to ensure traffic separation is maintained from other aircraft operating within the area.




At the completion of this exercise the student will be fully familiar with the general flying area. They will be aware of the parameters and limitations of the airspace. They will also be fully competent on the radio procedures required when operating in the area and display good situational awareness and an ability to reference their position and alert traffic of their intentions. They will be well aware of the potential risks involved in operating in the area and will be able to make safe decisions that would avert these potential hazards.


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