Exercise 2: Preparation for flight and action after flight



This lesson will expand on the principals gained in lesson one and further introduce the student to the training school environment. They will be introduced to the respective staff members, their roles and responsibilities and how they will be able to assist the student in the future.


Awareness training

  • Introduction to the safety management system and the reporting structure
  • Introduction to ground crew and personnel responsible for aircraft handling and refueling as well as the safety procedures they need to be held accountable to
  • Location of flight school safety equipment, first aid kits, fire extinguishers and any other required aid

Preflight preparation procedures, reaffirm from lesson 1:

  • Required documentation and authorization procedures before and after flight
  • Helicopter inspection interval within required time limit.
  • Documents to be carried on board aircraft and their validity
  • The use of checklists for preflight, helicopter startup and shutdown procedure
  • Refueling procedures, precaution, risk mitigation and fuel and Oil grade to be used.
  • Ground safety procedures and airfield SOPS
  • Threat and error management in the cockpit
  • Available Emergency equipment and survival gear



At the completion of this lesson, the student, with instructor assistance, will be able to sign out the relevant authorization sheets, confirm that the helicopter is within maintenance inspection interval, express certain considerations and risk mitigation solutions in the immediate helicopter environment, use checklists to conduct a preflight inspection, start the engine, and shutdown. They will also be further acquainted with the training school environment and hierarchical reporting structure to encourage frequent feedback and observation of training school safety standards.

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