Exercise 5b: Power changes


In this lesson, the student will be able to make a power change whilst maintaining constant attitude, direction and balance.




  1. Develop an awareness of power limitation and the use of power charts. Calculate MCP and MTOP before flight.
  2. Reiterate the primary and secondary effect of the collective control covered in Exercise 4.
  3. Demonstrated the correct procedures for collective changes (Rate and Amount)
  4. Demonstrate how to correct resultant nose pitching and yawing moments with cyclic and pedals.
  5. Introduce balance, and MAP Gauge into the existing scan.
  6. Take note of the student’s seat posture and grip of all controls, ensuring that the student is not over gripping the collective/throttle control and that feet are correctly positioned on anti torque/yaw pedals.
  7. Ensure correct coordination of control sequence
  8. Introduce the student to the radio procedures; highlight relevant airspace parameters and their associated limits and frequencies.




At the completion of this lesson, the student will be made aware of engine and transmission limitations. They will be able to maintain a constant attitude, balance and direction whilst making power changes. Their flight scan will be expanded upon. They will be proficient on the effect of all flight controls, and their inputs shall be smooth and coordinated.

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